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As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach, it is my mission to help as many people as possible to feel their best.  Whether you are running a business and looking to improve the energy levels of your staff, a chiropractor looking to add an educational component to your practice, or an athletic coach looking to get the most out of your team, we something for everyone. I have spoken on the topics below, and can create a lecture or a series of lectures just for you!



Changing Your Mental State

Sleep Quality

Posture in the Workplace

Energizing Exercises for the Workplace

The Right Type of Exercise for You

Strength Training Fundamentals for Athletes



Fat Burning

Inflammation/Pain reduction

Workout Recovery


Back Training/Core Conditioning

Stress Reduction

Many more!

Looking for something custom? We can design a lecture to suit your needs.

*All lectures are backed by scientific research and will include references as well as tools to succeed!

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