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Are you not living your life to the fullest? Do you live your days with low energy, brain fog, fatigue, bloating, pain, and more? Well, you are not alone. Life can be complicated, and being perfect is impossible. There are certain things we simply can not control.


HOWEVER, the food we put into our bodies, and the thoughts patterns we allow to consume our minds are things we CAN control. The choices we make are things we CAN control. Did someone hold you down and force hot dogs, hamburgers, beers, chips, cookies, seltzers, soda, etc. down your throat?

I know from experience. No, they did not.

With this 30 Day Program, I want to help enable as many people as I can to feel their best and live their lives with great Vitality. 

This PDF gives you everything you need for success. A meal plan, workouts, health and wellness tips that you can implement immediately and so much more. These are basic everyday changes that are easy to accomplish and will make lasting impacts on your health. 

Start today! 


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Lost 25 Lbs +

5.04% Body Fat

before after Randy.png


Lost 75 Lbs +

8 pant Sizes

"Sean is a terrific trainer. His knowledge of anatomy and muscles are expert. He also is amazing at weight loss and flexibility. What a great coach!"


Lost 25 Lbs +

15% Body Fat

I am a 60 years old women and I have been training with Sean for about 10+ years. My training has included one-on-one sessions along with group classes. Sean is always very professional and personable and treats everyone with respect. I have so many great things I could say about Sean but I will sum it up in a few key strengths:
1) Sean is extremely knowledgeable in both the fitness and nutrition areas. His classes consist of the individual walking in the door for the first time to the seasoned athlete. He is able to modify all exercises to meet each persons needs. He assures everyones form is on point, incorporates nutritional plans to assist in overall health.
2). Sean is passionate about his profession and he genuinely cares about each person and their success.
3) He makes it FUN, even while pushing us to push ourselves!

before after Lisa.jpg


Lost 3 Lbs +

3% Body Fat

Last year I realized I had one year before turning 70 and made a decision to make positive changes in my life in the following ways:  enjoy life to the fullest, lose weight, eat healthy, and get in shape.   I feel so fortunate I met Sean Settles who has been my personal trainer for the past year and who has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals.    I had been to the gym for years without any results but  since working with Sean, I’ve lost weight, lost inches and my clothes fit so well!  Sean pushes me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of at my age and the results have been remarkable!    I took up skiing and couldn't believe the stamina and strength I had as a result of my training with Sean.     I also play golf and tennis and Sean has taught me how to properly stretch to avoid injuries and how to work out to maximinze my strength while playing.   The most valuable thing Sean has taught me is: “It’s never too late and you’re never too old.”   

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You can get these results too! Start today!

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"The 30 Day Challenge makes it so easy to be successful, it gives you all the tools".

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