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"Sean has been training my wife Eileen and I for the past 2 years. Prior to training with Sean my routine was pretty standard, 30-45 minutes of aerobics and 45-60 min of weight training. Since training with Sean out routine is always changing, working on upper and lower body movements for both strength and flexibility and always focusing on our core. Our workouts are typically 45-60 per session and the results have been amazing."

Patrick R.


Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Sean’s not only knowledgeable about working out and fitness, but incredibly helpful with managing a healthy diet, taking natural and appropriate supplements, and mending injuries.

Whether you’re a high school/collegiate athlete looking to become faster/stronger/more explosive or someone looking to stay in shape, Sean Settles Fitness helps you reach attainable goals.

Jimmy W

weight loss

What separates Sean's classes from others is his approach. He takes the time to get to know his clients and their needs and abilities. Sean makes it a priority to make sure that everyone's form is correct. He pushes you when he knows that you can move forward and he modifies any exercises that he gives if you are not able to do them yet. He is so knowledgeable about the health and fitness field and loves to share is vast knowledge with everyone. I can honestly say that he has taught me so much about how the body reacts to the correct exercises and diet.

I highly recommend Sean to ANYONE who wants to be healthy and do it the right way!!!

Michelle S


Sean is a passionate fitness, health, and wellness expert whose top priority is the interest and concerns of his clients. I have been working with Sean for a couple of years and appreciate his work ethic, knowledge, and ability to keep the challenges coming. Sean is a genuine person, dedicated to helping his clients reach their personal goals, whether through one-on-one personal training or group class settings. Sean’s professionalism and flexibility set him apart from his competition.
I feel fortunate to call Sean my trainer, coach, and friend!

Gail M


Sean’s personal attention and genuine commitment to his clients is unmatched and only part of what makes him invaluable to his clients. This last year has been challenging for everyone, to say the least.  But in a time where there was so much confusion and uncertainty - Sean found a way to still bring happiness and hope to his clients (family).  His virtual classes helped me to get out of bed during those endless days of quarantine.  They gave me a purpose- and allowed me the opportunity to “see” my friends and share a couple laughs and at the same time- do something positive and productive for my body.  I am beyond grateful for his dedication and commitment to fitness and would truly be lost without him.  He continues to motivate, encourage and push me every day- all while keeping his humbleness and sense of humor. He is not just a trainer- he is a coach, motivator, supporter and above all- a friend.

Alison C


After years of not working out and feeling self conscious I stumbled across Sean's workout class (just kidding, my wife forced me to go!) He immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to push myself. I can't thank him enough for motivating me and helping me reach my goals.  Trust me, whatever your goals are, he will be determined to help you reach them whether you like it or not!

Anthony E

Kenny Backswing pic.jfif

"Sean Settles you are the man! Sean has trained me for the last 5-6 years and he just sent me my workouts and diet plan to push me to the next level. Don't know what I would do without him. you are a big part of the team. Get ready!!"

Kenny B

2017 Amputee National Champion


" I have been training with Sean for a few years now, 2-3 days a week. My initial goal was to increase my lean muscle mass and gain full body strength. I have gained 15 pounds of muscle, and stayed at a very low body fat percentage, while greatly improving my strength. Because I have scoliosis that previously caused discomfort and limited my workouts, Sean included corrective stretching and other exercises into my program to put my body into optimal alignment. This helps me get the most out of my workouts and stay pain free. He also actively communicates with my chiropractor and massage therapist to make sure everything flows. I highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.   

Joe Z

image0 (4).jpeg

Sean Settles is a terrific trainer. He is instructive and patient , but most of all, he makes exercise fun. I've never felt so in shape in my life, and I feel energized the whole day after my morning workout. His REMOTE WORKOUT CLASSES during the current COVID-19 restrictions are great and a fantastic way to exercise with new friends and narrow the social distancing. And for those of you now stuck at home who have always thought, "I would love to get in shape for the summer but there just isn't enough time in my busy day at the office," here's your chance!! GO FOR IT, AND HAVE FUN WITH THE REST OF US.

Tom H


"After a difficult knee replacement, Sean expertly crafted a program of therapy and exercise that brought my body to where I am now - Better than ever!"



Sean is amazing! His enthusiastic and caring personality is always present during workouts. He is encouraging and supportive and makes the workouts fun! The workouts are always challenging and can be modified to suit any fitness level! I often see him helping other clients who have had injuries and they are always able to maximize their workouts! I personally love his group classes because they are incredibly challenging and are the perfect size. Everyone is so friendly which is a reflection of how he runs his business. He's also been doing a wonderful job with the virtual classes and I am always SO SORE! If you are considering giving these classes a chance don't hesitate! Once you meet Sean you'll find out immediately how invested he is to see you succeed and how passionate he is to help others. It's totally worth it! Enjoy!

Stephani M

image0 (5).jpeg

After years of not working out and feeling self conscious I stumbled across Sean's workout class (just kidding, my wife forced me to go!) He immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to push myself. I can't thank him enough for motivating me and helping me reach my goals.  Trust me, whatever your goals are, he will be determined to help you reach them whether you like it or not!

Tony S


I have been a member of Sean Settles Fitness for the last few years and I wholeheartedly enjoy Sean‘s classes. He is extremely knowledgeable and very informative during his class workouts. He is very considerate of your needs and creates modifications if necessary. I really enjoy his excellent workouts and innovative techniques to keep it fun!

Barbara L.

"Sean is one of the most caring people I know. I am very blessed to call him a friend. His approach is 100% holistic and not cookie cutter. He takes the time to get to know his clients like he did for myself and my 12 year old son. He tailors his training based on your mental, physical and nutritional goals and what you personally need at any moment in time.  He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and never recommends anything unless either he has seen the results personally or it's scientifically validated. Would recommend him to anyone. 



Sean’s workouts are awesome. Definitely the most time efficient & affordable workout in the area. Sean is clearly really knowledgeable & passionate about tons of aspects related to health and shares the information that he finds helpful just because he cares. He goes out of his way to make sure the workout is always a good fit for every individual person so everyone feels comfortable and safe. 10/10 recommend if you want to learn more about health & exercise and want to be held accountable to working out without being held down financially or pressured in anyway.

Mary G


Sean is a great vibes energy focus instructor. He always ends his workout sessions with a positive quote or advice. He genuinely cares about his clients and willing to help you at your pace and not be pushy or demanding. He is respectful and fun. I already recommended him to my friends.

Karen H

ku headshot.jpg

Sean's fitness program is the whole package. The attention to detail, evident not only in the workouts, but in the insight given to healthy meal alternatives and guidance on living a more balanced lifestyle has proved dividends for me.

Matt K




Lost 75 Lbs. and 8 pant sizes!

"Sean is a terrific trainer. His knowledge of anatomy and muscles are expert. He also is amazing at weight loss and flexibility. What a great coach!"

Randy After.jpeg
Lisa Before.jpeg


Lost 25 Lbs. and 15% Body Fat


I am a 60 years old women and I have been training with Sean for about 10+ years. My training has included one-on-one sessions along with group classes. Sean is always very professional and personable and treats everyone with respect. I have so many great things I could say about Sean but I will sum it up in a few key strengths:
1) Sean is extremely knowledgeable in both the fitness and nutrition areas. His classes consist of the individual walking in the door for the first time to the seasoned athlete. He is able to modify all exercises to meet each persons needs. He assures everyones form is on point, incorporates nutritional plans to assist in overall health.
2). Sean is passionate about his profession and he genuinely cares about each person and their success.
3) He makes it FUN, even while pushing us to push ourselves!

Lisa After.JPG
jeff before.jpg


Lost 25 lbs. and 5.04% Body Fat

jeff after.jpg
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